Desert Truffle

There are mores than 30 different species of desert truffles, they are very mild in flavour and are cooked in local desert regions much like we cook potatoes in the UK.  The unusual hunting method involves striking a stick against the ground and listening for subtle changes in the sound to detect if there is a fruiting body underneath…. Read more →

Winter Truffle

The Black Winter Truffle also known as Tuber melanosporum the Périgord truffle or the ‘black diamond’, is prized by chefs all over the world for it’s strong powerful flavour. AROMA The winter truffle has a much stronger flavour and aroma than the summer truffles. Everyone’s description of the aroma is unique but we would describe it as powerfully earthy… Read more →

Summer Truffle

The Summer Truffle, known as Tuber aestivum (syn. T. uncinatum) or the Burgundy truffle, is a great flavoured truffle similar to the highly prized winter truffle. AROMA The summer truffle has a very similar (but milder) flavour and aroma to the winter truffle, with a deep earthy smell, its aroma becomes much stronger towards the end of the season. SEASON This species… Read more →

Spring Truffle

This is a very underrated species and is one of our favorites here at MSL Truffles, it has a strong garlicky smell and compliments meals beautifully. Aroma The white spring truffle, also know as Tuber borchii, or bianchetto has an amazing garlicky aroma. At maturity it strongly resembles the more expensive Italian white truffle (Tuber magnatum), albeit… Read more →