Summer Truffle


Summer Truffle

The Summer Truffle, known as Tuber aestivum (syn. T. uncinatum) or the Burgundy truffle, is a great flavoured truffle similar to the highly prized winter truffle.


The summer truffle has a very similar (but milder) flavour and aroma to the winter truffle, with a deep earthy smell, its aroma becomes much stronger towards the end of the season.


This species is harvested in Europe from May to December. The later harvested truffles have a much stronger aroma.


Black skinned with large pronounced pyramid shaped lumps, inside they have have a dark brown/black flesh laced with white veins.

Sizes can vary from hazelnut size up to the size of a grapefruit.


The summer truffle is a hardy species and can be found all over the world from Sweden to North Africa. Mainly found in association with oaks, pine, hazel, beech and birch trees in lime-rich soils.

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