Spring Truffle

Tuber borchii

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This is a very underrated species and is one of our favorites here at MSL Truffles, it has a strong garlicky smell and compliments meals beautifully.


The white spring truffle, also know as Tuber borchii, or bianchetto has an amazing garlicky aroma. At maturity it strongly resembles the more expensive Italian white truffle (Tuber magnatum), albeit with a slightly more garlicky smell.


 This species is harvested across Europe during late winter and early spring.


At maturity the spring truffle turns light brown and can often have irregular dark brown patches, the flesh inside is a redish brown with large white veins.

Sizes can vary from the very small (the size of a pea) to the size of a tennis ball if the soil is well aerated.

Climate and Habitat

The spring truffle is a very tolerant species, growing across most of Europe and has been found as far north as Strathclyde. It grows in association with a wide number of trees in lime-rich, sandy soils.

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