Our Story

Here at MSL Truffles we are dedicated to providing our customers with premium quality fresh truffles from around the world. We are passionate about truffles and equally passionate about food. We believe that our truffles are without doubt the finest in the world. We can even supply truffles from your preferred regions, just contact us for more information.

MSL founder Dr. Paul Thomas, is recognised worldwide as an expert on the cultivation of truffles and has created a unique method to inoculate trees with truffle spores. Sporting a plant science PhD from the University of Sheffield, Dr Thomas thought it was time to bring some science to the previously random process of growing truffles. MSL is now the largest grower of cultivated truffles in the world, with plantations in 23 countries.

Armed with this unprecedented knowledge of truffles, MSL has developed MSL Truffles, to supply only the best quality fresh truffles. All our truffles are expertly diagnosed to confirm that they are the correct species (there are more details about this on our truffles page), cleaned, and packaged up for dispatch in our English headquarters.

Ethical Statement

All of our suppliers are required by MSL Truffles to sign a statement that confirms they do not use any processes in the harvesting of truffles that could be considered harmful to the environment, such as raking. They are also required to sign a statement that certifies that the dogs used for hunting are well looked after, in accordance with the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

In addition to this MSL Truffles also certify that:

The most environmentally friendly packaging possible is used at all times, all UK/EU orders will be dispatched in cardboard boxes with locally sourced shredded wood fillings.

We guarantee you the correct species of truffle, many retailers will mix in similar inferior species to a batch to bulk it out. At MSL Truffles we guarantee that all of our stock has been expertly diagnosed to certify that it is the correct species.


Save the date for the fifth annual Napa Truffle Festival: January 16-19, 2015

It’s not enough to just cultivate truffles, one must consume them―well and often! To that end, the American Truffle Company presents the annual Napa Truffle Festival, combining world class cuisine with cutting edge truffle science.

The fifth annual Napa Truffle Festival, January 16-19, 2015, will again showcase the venerated black winter Périgord truffle: Tuber melanosporum (aka black diamond), while bringing together a unique gathering of leading truffle cultivation experts, mycologists, master truffle dog trainers, special guests from the food and wine world, and internationally-renowned Michelin star and other award-winning chefs to discuss, examine, probe, prepare, demonstrate and, finally, pair truffles with wines to feast upon for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

The Festival begins on Friday with a Scientific Grower Seminar for potential growers, presented by Robert Chang and Dr. Paul Thomas of the American Truffle Company, and continues throughout the weekend with various programs/activities, including All About Truffles―discussions on truffles, dogs and cuisine―exclusive winery lunches, cooking demos, a grand Truffles & Wine Dinner at La Toque prepared by the guest chefs, a wild mushroom forage, and a visit to the Robert Sinskey Vineyards truffle orchard with Rico and other truffle dogs to sniff things out (petting allowed).

The weekend concludes on Monday with a free Napa Truffle Festival Marketplace showcasing the local wines, artisanal vendors and specialty food products of the Napa Valley – all under one roof at Oxbow Public Market.  Here merchants will offer cooking demos, wine tasting, and a diverse assortment of à la carte menu items—from truffled cheese, pasta, oysters and pizza, to truffle-infused vodka, and freshly baked cupcakes decorated with pigs and dogs. Fresh truffles are also available for purchase by the ounce.  All are welcome!

The beautiful Westin Verasa in downtown Napa serves as the host program venue, offering a special rate for the Festival weekend.

For more information, visit www.napatrufflefestival.com.