Dominic Orsini

He may have honed his culinary skills in New York and Napa Valley, but Winery Chef Dominic Orsini credits his grandmother for steering him toward a life in food: “She married an Italian and spent her life proving that she could cook just as well as her Italian sisters-in-law.” A childhood spent eating homegrown strawberries and handmade gnocchi heavily influenced Dominic’s cooking philosophy. “A meal should be a snapshot of a moment in time,” he says. “It should reflect the weather, the time of day, what’s fresh at the market and the mood of the guests attending.”

Frisée Salad of Black Truffles-Optimized

Frisée Salad of Black Truffles

This is truffle pasta. It is truffles and pasta. And that is about it, but it tastes great!
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